Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rad Moves

A little frivolity as my next post will probably be my thoughts on 1 Peter (July's quiet time)...

For the last 5 years or so my favorite cartoon has been Jimmy Neutron. Generally speaking, other than live sports, I can default to Jimmy Neutron at any time...and most times keep peace in the house.

I'm usually very loyal to my cartoons. As such, prior to Jimmy Neutron, Looney Toons (Bugs, Daffy, Elmer, etc.) controlled the first spot for most of my life.

Well, there's a new sheriff in town. The Backyardigans.

Check out this link and you'll see why...

You can't find the original video on You Tube, but suffices to say, watching these guys (Pablo & Tyrone) dancing to this is an instant classic.

I guess this one more advantage to having an extraordinarily large stay current with cartoons.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Red Knot

"The red knot is a sandpiper that every year travels more than 18,000 miles from the arctic islands of northern Canada to Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of South America and back again stopping along the way on several Atlantic beaches. During their stay in the southern hemisphere they replace their tattered feathers in a long molt ensuring their flight equipment to be in top condition when, in February, they begin their journey north in flocks of hundreds or thousands. They stop on their way for food, always at the same beaches or marshes where they have fed for centuries. From the northern coast of South America they embark on a week long non-stop flight that takes them to Delaware Bay just as horseshoe crabs are laying eggs by the millions. There they gorge themselves in order to be prepared to engage in the next leg of their long journey – non-stop to the islands north of Hudson Bay. There in the long summer they mate and breed. By mid-July the female knots abandon their offspring and head south and a few weeks later the males follow. The babies fend for themselves until late August when they too commence their 9,000 mile journey. (from Chet Raymo, Skeptics and True Believers)"

Now here is the amazing thing: the young red knots by the thousands and without adult guides or prior experience find their way along the very same migration route of their parents, stop at precisely the same beaches and marshes for food and join the others at precisely the same place in Tierra del Fuego.

"...scientists have no firm understanding why the red knot migrate each year" (from The Nature Conservancy in Delaware).

I truly wonder what Richard Dawkins has to say about this?

I'm convinced there are no less than 100 amazing, scientific, examples of the wonders of God that have no explanation other than a Creator who had a specific plan for exactly how He wanted things to function. The sovereignty of God is on display every day...

Why do we keep missing it?

Friday, July 18, 2008

"It's the economy, stupid..."

Recently I caught some heat because I took the optimistic side of things with the soon to be Red Herring that is Phil Graham. It appears to me people don't like optimism and really optimism and hope can't compete with the doom and gloom art form that has become our mass media.

I'm going to cover a lot of ground today, so hang on...

My first observation is...people don't like much. We don't vote FOR candidates, we vote AGAINST candidates. We change the radio station because we HATE that song, we don't go TO a station we love. I root for whichever team is playing the Gators, not because I LIKE UT Chattanooga, but because I LOATHE the Gators...and I think most people are like this.

So, it goes against the grain to list all of the economic positives about our country: freedom to choose a career, change jobs, decide where and what hours you want to work...the fact that we have more millionaires than every other country on earth combined, our welfare recipients are in the Top 3% of wage earners in the WORLD...I could go on...but anyone who reads this is probably starting to feel their skin crawl with discomfort right now (if the venom I received the other day has anything to do with it).

My second observation is...we (American Society) have lived an opulent, spoiled existence for five decades. The lifestyles we have become accustomed to is so unrealistic relative to long term sustainability that previous leaders (Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, etc.) should all be ashamed of selling "unlimited consumption"

The stewardship implications of the previous statement are evident. Church giving is at an all time low. America is now the third largest "mission field" in the world. We've gone from No. 1 on the list of "Global Missions Giving by Country" to No. 18 in the last 40 years...all because we can't check ourselves at the door before we go to Walmart or Home Depot.

I get that people are hurting. I've got family members, retired, about to lose their house in foreclosure. While discussing their options with them, we talked about selling dining room sets on Craig's List and possibly declaring bankruptcy or selling the house to settle the debt and move into an apartment. The responses floored me..."Where will we eat Thanksgiving dinner...I love that dining room set." And, "I can't live in an apartment, I won't have a flower garden."

I'm really concerned. These comments came from middle class, professionals, who are retired...I can only imagine what are lower middle class and poor are saying.

The really scary part is when someone takes a leadership position, calls a spade a spade, and asks America to dial it back a bit, conserve and work together to get this thing back on track...they get vilified.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is cool...

I wish I could do this...

Monday, July 07, 2008


I would have never guesed how cool sirius satellite radio is.

My new car came with 6 months free.

Side note: if you want me to change my behavior and try something new, do what the nice folks at sirius did, and give it to me.

Now that I have it...I love it!

Here's why:
...180 channels...of which 10 I like a favorites: classic vinyl (no problem guessing here...Zeppellin, Stones, etc), 1st Wave (Romantics, Eurythmics, The Fixx, Depeche Mode, 52's, etc), the Grateful Dead station (24 hours of dead), Alternative Nation (being out of touch...I have no idea who sings these songs, but I like them). never lose the no matter where you go...your stations never changes.

...did I mention its free right now....and I think it will only be $12/mo. afterward.

I'm a fan...hooray for Sirius.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Just in case you missed it...

My Rays swept the SOX to take a 3.5 game lead and the best record in baseball into the all star break...