Monday, October 27, 2008

Scripture and politics...

I exercise regularly.

I'm very disappointed with our Presidential candidates.

I tend to daydream while exercising about what my stump speach would sound like if I were running for President. It gets really good when I think about what I'd say or do if asked about a pointed issue.

Most recently one of those issues was the question Katie Curic asked Sarah Palin...She asked her "What do you read to establish your view and opinions on global issues?"

On the surface this seems like a reasonable questions...unless of course, you have a Biblical world view. I mean really...what if Sarah answered like this:

"Well Katie, I read a lot, and all of it impacts my opinion on Global issues. I read Harvard Business Review, Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, my local paper - which is owned by the New York Times, and I also read the Bible, which tends to overlay everything I take in to give me proper perspective."

Katie: "Really, how so?"

Sarah: "Take for example God's command to Abram as he was directing him to Canaan...He told him he would be the father of a great nation and those that blessed Isreal will be blessed, and those that cursed Isreal will be cursed. Katie, it doesn't take a world scholar to look at modern (post-WWII) history and see that in the last 50 years our country has stood resolutely beside Isreal, and we've been blessed beyond belief...arguably the most blessed nation in the history of the world. And on the other side, how are things going for Iran, Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, and most recently those aligning against Isreal: Russia, Cuba, Venezuela. Now I'm not saying that this is God's plan, but I do find it very coincidental."

Now imagine the firestorm that would result from this level of honesty. Throw in a couple of questions on abortion, stem cell research, cloning, homosexuality and other blowtorch issues of the day, and anyone with a Biblical World View would be crucified (intentional pun) by the media before they got 12% of the vote.

However, the reality is, Scripture plays a huge part in politics. I want my leader to stay aligned with Isreal. I want my leader to nominate Judges who interpret the constitution liberally, not Judges who think that until they took the bench, everyone before them was stupid and its there duty to enlighten all the rest of us.

The world is getting progressively more complex. Now more than ever we need a plumbline. It's very frustrating to me why we can't talk about what that plumbline is, or be direct about God's influence on this earth.

GRRRRR (that's frustration)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just blown away

Her mother and I are both athletes.

Not good enough to get paid for it mind you, but I lettered in football, and became pretty good at Basketball as an adult...and frankly, until the last year or so stood out at the Church men's events. My wife lettered in Soccer and Basketball, was sorority sports chairman. We watch football together, talk about current events like the firing of Tony Franklin, etc.

Oh, and its safe to say that on the Artsy Meter...the needle doesn't quite move for the two of us.

So the natural progression for our kids is to get 'em into soccer at about 4 years old, play a little t-ball, flag football, church league basketball...and for kid number one she has varsity letters in Softball and played 2 years on the JV Basketball team. Really, she's no athletic slouch.

Same kid got involved singing in the church children's choir. She'd get a solo about once a know, she was the one to the side that got to hold the mic and sing one verse alone. This grew to being a townsperson in the school play (I guess townsperson is where they stick the little kids when there aren't enough props or trees or stuff). And she liked it...just lit up after performances, laughed back stage. The funny thing is that her blossom curve on stage was inversely proportional to the declining enjoyment she got from sports. In fact, last year, in both softball and basketball, she really hoped that she didn't have to play...but just liked being on the team with her friends.

This weekend she's in full bloom (as much as a 16 year old can be):
She's going to be performing 4 shows as Mrs. Potts in Disney's Beauty and The Beast. It goes without saying that I think she's great. But if I had a nickle for every person in town who saw the show last night, that has come up to my wife or me and said stuff like:
"Wow, She has a beautiful voice." or
"Man, she's a natural" or
"Where did she learn to act like that?"
You get the point.
The best part is, she paved the trail for other budding artists that may be lurking the halls of our house. So Kid 4 gets to take art classes and play low stress church league soccer while she finds her place (she's leaning toward art). Kid 5 wants to take Karate...not sure what a 5 year old cupie doll wants with Karate, but I'll keep you posted.
Anyway...I'm thrilled on several different levels. I'm sure you can read into all of them.
Hooray God.