Friday, January 23, 2009

More on "Me, Myself, and Bob"

Let's just say that the last 40 - 50 pages of "Me, Myself, and Bob" rocked my theology. Well, rocked may be a strong word...but strongly reinforced my current view on things may not have been as attention grabbing.

The book is definitely worth reading and buying...but the end makes it a must read for our "earn our way into the Heaven Hall 'o Fame" crowd that permeates middle class Christianity.

Vischer goes as far as to say that his mid-America conservative Christian upbringing created a cauldren in him that was equal parts ambition, God pleaser and Christian. He says his MTV inspired vision to become a Christian Walt Disney was so out of whack theologically, and so intoxicating in the moment, that he didn't even realize how outside the lines he had gotten. It took losing everything ($44 million business to a $12 million judgement against him, followed by a requisite auction of everything of value in the company - that's a $56 million swing or loss - literally overnight) for God to get his attention and to realize that God doesn't need him.

God "reveals" his plans for us very selectively. Until then, our part is to do what Noah did before God revealed his plan to him..."Noah was a righteous man. Noah walked with God."

Frankly, I'm a planner. I have long range plans, intermediate plans, annual plans...most of which feed a master plan that I hope will get me on a different plane or level...maybe even to the Christian Cooperstown.

I need to do better at "walking with God".

Thanks Phil.


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