Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thoughts of late...

- Vince Flynn is to men what romance novels are to women. Give me a book where Mitch Rapp (very Jason Bourne like) kills a terrorist or two every hundred pages and I'm entertained...I'm not sure how Christ-like this is...makes me wonder if any of the 12 went to the Gladiator shows after Christs resurection.
- In our culture, the better you perform, the more they load you up. The cycle doesn't stop until you say no and no is very hard to do with the appropriate ego stroke and increase in wealth. The jobs become more time consuming and demanding. But if it's your gift...when is enough. Franklin Graham grew up in boarding school because his Dad was the best evangelism of our generation...was it worth it?
- It funny how grace is viewed by conservative Christians (insert legalistic beat down here). We found ourselves at a business dinner sitting with some folks we only see 1-2 times each year, who we have Christianity in the end of the night wondered "did we look at people like THAT?"
- I'm a deacon again. Pray I do better this time. Prophet and discernment (well anything other than blind affirmation) wasn't welcome last time.
- When people think you have kind of sucks. Not that I'm trying to bury it in mason jars or anything...but if I gave in the manner that came to me in the mail this week, we'd lose our credit rating entirely. And when you have to say no to some, because the cubord is bare, it's their ministry, idea, fundraiser, mission opportunity, wasn't good enough...I keep a list of ministries I feel called to support on the back flap of my bible (you make the list when I hear you pitch and feel moved)...I might give to like 25% of's really a struggle man.