Monday, February 02, 2009

A Prophet Ministry

Thoughts come in waves.

Recently my friend posted about a book titled "Why I'm not Emergent, by two guys who aren't" or something like that. I didn't read the book and probably won't, but was very impressed by the quote that Brent posted from the book. My paraphase, which I've quoted 100 times since reading it is...

"Now that we know how many belly button hairs we have, it's time to transform. The Gospel is about Transformation, not wallowing in our issues."

So on a date the other night, we were talking about the need for a "prophet ministry". I mean, I know it sounds harsh, but its like we just find ourselves solving everyone's problems that we hear about. Biblically, it is a gift, right? And if managed effectively, it could work right? The councelling ministry is made of all mercy-gifted people...and they are great at dealing with grief issues, moral dilemas, etc. The prophet ministry could be where you send people that don't listen to the counselor. So you get a nice gently dose of "I hear you, have you considered trying this?" And if that has no send them over to see Jeremiah.

Like the young couple who are tapping into the benevolent fund, we know that the wife could substitute teach at the local Christian School, while the husband stays home with the kids to recoup. Jeremiah would tell 'em..."you should be ashamed of yourselves for tapping that's not for you."

And the couple with marriage problems...who seem to have really strong personal Christian convictions, but just can't cross over to give their spouse some grace...Jeremiah could solve that problem in like 30 minutes...just imagine.

So I mention my idea to the Executive Pastor and Chairman of our Deacon Board last night in passing...'cause they tend to be the resevoir for this type of stuff...and they chuckled and said something polite.

But at the core...I seriously doubt that people really want to change. And I can't figure out why.

So, here's what I want from you...

1. Is there a place for a "prophet ministry" in the local church?
2. Why do people seem content to stay screwed up?


Blogger Brent said...

Or maybe if we just took discipleship seriously, a loving couple could come alongside the "financially challenged" and help them to think Biblically and then encourage them with practical solutions?

Or maybe if we took Matthew 18 seriously and actually did that? (Which is hard, because if that process got far along, the people would just go to another church)

And, many people don't want change. Which doesn't apply only to spiritual life issues. Money. Exercise. Diet. Etc. But once they do, it's usually really cool.

And, it helps to remember that spiritual formation is a slow give folks grace and allow the Holy Spirit to work on His time frame, which is also difficult to find a balance on when to be hard-line and when to lovingly encourage. It's hard to figure out exactly what the most loving thing to do in any situation is, which requires that WE be Spirit-led in these endeavors.

6:03 AM

Blogger Hollywood said... is hard.

Particularly when you are a fixer.

7:53 AM


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